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            Company Profile

            Kaies Sanitary Ware (China) Co.,Ltd is a modernized international enterprise integrated with R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, having a complete set of sales idea and normalized sales team, applying brand strategy, setting up enterprise image, and being the Advocator and Pioneer in the field of global sanitary ware.


            Kaies has over 20 series of sanitary wares including art basin,cabinet basin,wall-hung toilet,one-piece toilet,two-piece toilet,pedestal basin,wall-hung basin,counter basin, bathroom cabinet. designed by Dino Francesco and Roberto Pancrazio, the well-known Italian sanitary designers. Our internationalized R&D team masterly use technology and artistic creating in design, coordinated with Italian modernized equipments, making out individual, quiet, water-saving, green and high-quality products, fully displaying the elegant of Italian quality. We discipline ourselves by using the leading standard of the world, not only on design, but also on quality, in order to create the brand new concept to life for the Chinese consumers, and search out a better combination of bathroom space, comfort and beauty.


            Our products are exported to more than 80 Countries all over the world. The globalized sales and service network was developed then, which ensures our customers over the world enjoy the ideal bathroom hours brought out by kaies.and now have become the assigned OEM & ODM supplier in China of many brands abroad.


            "keeping improvement and pursuing excellence" is the core of our quality's requirement.We believe that our expertise will bring you excellent quality,the best service,competitive prices,fashionable designs and professional recommendation,it will be your best choice to cooperate with us.


            Kaies Sanitary Ware (China) Co.,Ltd

            Enterprise Form Private Business
            Business Model OEM & ODM
            Brand kaies
            Main Industry Sanitary Ware
            Major Products art basin,cabinet basin,wall-hung toilet,two-piece toilet,one piece toilet,pedestal basin,wall-hung basin,counter basin, bathroom cabinet, bidet, urinal.
            Year Established 2001
            Capital 51,689,636.69RMB
            Registration Place Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China
            Factory Area 135 thousand square meters
            No. of Employee 598
            No. of R & D Team 24
            No. of QA/QC Team 39
            Factory Certification ISO9001
            Monthly Production 37,280 pcs (sets)
            Annual Sales Amount US$16,712,329.65 (2018)
            Export Share 94% (2018)
            Main Export Market  Canada, UK, Italia, Spain,Germany, Saudi Arabia ,Australia, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand,South Africa, Taiwan etc., over 80 countries and areas.
            Customer Type Wholesaler, Agency, Real Estate, Hotel Project
            Production Line 4 lines of shuttle kiln