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            You are here: Home Page > Company News > Recruitment Advertisement for Professional Sales of International Marketing Department
            Detailed News
            Recruitment Advertisement for Professional Sales of International Marketing Department    Kaies Sanitary Ware (China) Co., Ltd. 2012/06/04
            Kaies Sanitary Ware (China) Co., Ltd. is a modernized international enterprise integrating with R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, has over 20 series in sanitary ware include: toilet, washbasin, bidet, bathroom cabinet, urinal, faucet, bathtub, shower room and other bathroom accessories. In order to expand international business, we need to hire 20 professional sales for international marketing department , responsible for expanding oversea market, maintaining strong client relationships and new clients development, requirements as below:
            1.      Age: Between 22 to 32 years old, no gender preference.
            2.      University degree or above, get priority if major is International Trade.
            3.      CET-4 or above, good at writing and speaking.
            4.      Have experience in dealing international business for sanitary ware two years or above, familiar with international market operation for sanitary ware.
            5.      Strong team spirit and cooperation, execute company policy of Kaies and build a good company image for Kaies.
            6.      Promotion by strict and systemic assessment criteria, get priority if have an excellent work performance.
            7.      Pay treatment: a basic salary add sales commission, specific negotiable.
            8.      Holiday: adjust according to actual work on hand
            All the qualified applicants are welcome to send resume with further information to PR Dept : kaies@kaies.cn ,contact with Ms Zhang. We will interview if are fit to the job.
            Kaies Sanitary Ware(China)Co., Ltd
            Human Resource Department