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            Ceramic Sanitary Ware
            Bathroom Cabinet
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            Detailed Product
            Cabinet basin

            Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
            Brand Name: Kaies
            Model Number: C-0057
            Size: 600*455*160mm
            Volume: 0.053CBM(1283pcs/40HQ)
            Packaging Details: Standard seaworthy 5-ply export carton
            Supply Ability: 8000 Sets/Month
            Delivery Time: It depends on your order quantity
            Port: Shenzhen

            Detailed Product Description

            C-0057(Cabinet basin)
            2、Faucet hole diameter:35mm.
            3、Water outlet diameter:45mm.
            4、Glaze:1280℃ high temperature firing,high-density ceramic glaze,super neat,smooth,bright,white,can be effective anti-bacterial action,dirt does not stick.
            5、Edge design:design by milling,basins installed more stable.
            6、Water absorption:ceramic water absorption of energy efficiency control in 0.2%,well above international standards,with good performance on anti-cracking, preventing itself from sewage and odor being absorbed by ceramic body, all making it safely and easily used.
            7、Plan dimension of product:

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